Born of many late nights sreenprinting till sunrise, Glass Magpie got its grassroots start as a dream to make wearable art in a conscious way. Glass Magpie's collection is made almost exclusively of organic cotton, bamboo rayon and sustainable beechwood tree modal- staple eco-fibers in the world of fashion basics. Our designs are produced in boutique quantities and stitched by a family company in Bali, Indonesia in a comfortable, ethical sweatshop-free working environment. Garments are designed, sewn, treated and printed using non-toxic water-based inks and utilizing low-impact production processes.

We care about how our clothing is made, and we mean to make it right- so that it feels right not only to wear, but to produce.

Sustainable and ethical manufacturing are principles we strive towards in earnest, while maintaining reasonable prices that are accessible to the regular fasionista. There is always room for improvement.


We supply an ephemeral collection of elegant yet casual women's and men's tailor-made fashion- from chic dresses, sleek camisoles, cowel neck tops, cloaks and shawls, sexy slips and designer leggings to gritty graphic t-shirts, hoodies, lightweight jackets, tank tops, throw-away singlets and bandannas. Whatever goes.

Our garment line outfits the young, smart, fit, quick, trendy, eco-conscious, street-aware and fashion-forward crowd. Or more likely, the catty, well-dressed few standing on the periphery, rightfully a little dubious, wondering where the real party is at.